Commission Purpose

The purpose of the Oregon SAE/SANE Certification Commission is to approve the certification of registered nurse practitioners and nurses practicing in Oregon who fulfill the requirements to become Sexual Assault Examiners (SAE) and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE).

Commission Objectives

  1. To review applications for SAE/SANE certification for compliance to the requirements for education, training and preceptorships for SAE/SANEs as established by the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force.
  2. To review the applications of nurses who have been trained out of state and identify what steps are necessary for them to receive the Oregon SAE/SANE certification.
  3. To approve applications for the continuing education credit for certified SAE/SANEs.
  4. To review and implement change as necessary to improve the process.
Slot Name Term Expires
1. Open/At – Large Kori Barnum
OSP Forensic Service Division
September 2012
2.  Oregon State Board of Nursing Open
3. Physician / Oregon Chapter of the American
College of Emergency Physicians
Dr. Richard Kozak
Providence St. Vincent Hospital
September 2012
4.  Physician Carol L. Chervenak
ABC House
May 2013
5.  SANE Open
6. SANE/Oregon Nurses Association Heidi Lindner
Providence St. Vincent Hospital
May 2013
7. Victim Advocate Kim Larson
Marion County Victims Assistance Program
May 2013

Commission Appointment

The members of the commission are appointed by Oregon’s Attorney General for a two-year term of office.