Medical professionals in Oregon who have completed a 40-hour didactic Sexual Assault Examiner/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner training are eligible to become Oregon SAE/SANE certified upon completion of a clinical and non-clinical preceptorship.

Click here for a list of individuals who have OR-SANE certification.


The Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force provides annual Oregon SANE Training that meets the certification requirements.


The preceptorship includes:

  • Ten speculum exams
  • Three sexual assault forensic exams (SAFE)
  • A law enforcement ride-along (or case review)
  • Court observation
  • Advocacy program observation
  • District Attorney’s office observation.

As of July 1, 2009 SANE trained nurses will need to apply for certification within 1 year of the didactic SANE training. Extensions will only be given to those who have difficulty fulfilling the Sexual Assault Exam and Crime Lab Tour requirements for certification. If an extension is needed, please fill out the extension request form.

Note: There is a $100 fee payable to the Oregon SANE Certification Commission for certification.


The Certification Commission has established recertification requirements to ensure Oregon Certified SANEs stay current in their practice and connected in their field.  Recertification must be completed within 3 years of original certification and every three years thereafter and includes:

  • Three sexual assault exams
  • 15 speculum exams
  • 25 contact hours of relevant clinical or non-clinical Continuing Education (CE) or activities (CE hours must be specific to SANE practice)

Certified SANEs must apply for recertification before their current certification expires. It is recommended that applications be completed and submitted 3 months (and not sooner than 6 months) prior to the expiration date of current certification.

Note: There is a $75 fee payable to the Oregon SANE Certification Commission for recertification.

For More Information

Instructions and forms for certification and recertification can be found in the forms section of this web site.

If you have any questions regarding certification, please contact:

Robin Olafson, SANE Program Coordinator, Oergon Sexual Assault Task Force, here or by phone at (503) 990-6541.